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Dr. Howard Castrup
Chief Scientist


Dr. Castrup has published numerous technical papers and articles relating to analytical metrology and measurement analysis methods.  He is active in the Measurement Science Conference and the NCSLI and has developed and teaches courses in measurement uncertainty analysis and statistical measurement process control, measurement decision risk analysis, and calibration interval analysis.  His published papers, organization memberships and committee work are listed below.  Email address:


Castrup, H.: An Examination of Measurement Decision Risk and Other Measurement Quality Metrics. Proc. of NCSLI Workshop and Symposium, San Antonio, TX, July 2009.


Castrup, H. and Castrup, S.: Uncertainty Analysis for Alternative Calibration Scenarios, Presented at the NCSLI Workshop and Symposium, Orlando, FL, August 2008.


Castrup, H.: Applying Measurement Science to Ensure End Item Performance, Proc. Measurement Science Conference, Anaheim, CA  March 2008.


Castrup, H.: Risk Analysis Methods for Complying with  NCSLI Z540.3, Proc. NCSLI Conference, St. Paul, MN  August 2007.


Castrup, H.: Estimating Parameter Bias Uncertainty,  Presented at the Measurement Science Conference, Anaheim, CA, March 2006.


Castrup, H.: Estimating and Combining Uncertainties,  presented at the 8th Annual ITEA Instrumentation Workshop, Lancaster, CA, May 2004.


Castrup, H.: Selecting and Applying Error Distributions in Uncertainty Analysis, presented at the 2004 Measurement Science Conference, January 16-17, 2004 in Anaheim, CA.

Castrup, H.: Risk-Based Control Limits, Proc. Measurement. Science Conf., Anaheim, CA, January 2001.

Castrup, H.: “Estimating Bias Uncertainty,” Proc. NCSLI Workshop & Symposium, Washington, DC, July 29-August 2, 2001.

Castrup, H.: Estimating Category B Degrees of Freedom, Proc. Measurement. Science Conf., Anaheim, CA, January 2000.

Castrup, H. et al.: Establishment and Adjustment of Calibration Intervals, NSCL RP-1, 3rd Edition, January 1996.

Castrup, H.: Uncertainty Analysis and Parameter Tolerancing, Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symposium, Dallas, TX, July 1995.

Castrup, H.: Analyzing Uncertainty for Risk Management, Proc. ASQC 49th Annual Qual. Congress, Cincinnati, OH, May 1995.

Castrup,  H.: Uncertainty Analysis for Risk Management, Proc. Measurement. Science Conf., Anaheim, CA, January 1995.

Castrup, H. and Johnson, K.: Techniques for Optimizing Calibration Intervals, Proc. ASNE Test & Calibration Symposium, Arlington, VA, November - December 1994.

Castrup, H. et al.: Metrology - Calibration and Measurement Processes Guidelines, NASA Reference Publication 1342, June 1994.

Castrup, H.: Practical Methods for Analysis of Uncertainty Propagation, Proc. 38th Annual Instrumentation Symposium, Las Vegas, NV, April 1992.
Castrup, H.: Analytical Metrology SPC for ATE Implementation, Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symposium, Albuquerque, NM, August 1991.

Wyatt, D. and Castrup, H: Managing Calibration Intervals, Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symposium, Albuquerque, NM, August 1991.

Castrup,  H.: Calibration Requirements Analysis System, Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symposium, Denver, CO, 1989.

Jackson, D. and Castrup,  H.: Reliability Analysis Methods for Calibration Intervals: Analysis of Type III Censored Data, Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symposium, Denver, CO, July 1987.

Castrup,  H.:  Intercomparison of Standards: General Case, SAI Comsystems Technical Report, U.S. Navy Contract N00123-83-D-0015, Delivery Order 4M03, March 16, 1984.

Castrup, H.: Evaluation of Customer and Manufacturer Risk vs Acceptance Test Instrument In-Tolerance Level, Proc. NCSL Workshop & Symposium, Gaithersburg, MD, September 1980.

Organizations, Committees and Awards

NCSL International
Actively involved since 1974.
Member Delegate since 1980.
Chairman of Metrology Practices Committee

Tutorial Developer/Presenter
Director of Western Division 
Chairman of Calibration Interval Committee 
Frequent chair of conference sessions on various topics in analytical metrology.
Recipient of 2002 Wildhack Award

Recipient of 2005 Education & Training Award

Best Paper Award recipient 2009 NCSL Annual Workshop & Symposium, San Antonio, TX.

Measurement Science Conference
Actively involved in MSC since 1976.

Tutorial Developer/Presenter 
Frequent chair of conference sessions on various topics in analytical metrology.
Recipient of 2007 Woodington Award

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Life Member.

National Physics Honor Society
Member since 1972.

American Association of Physics Teachers
Member since 1973.

American Institute of Physics
Member since 1973. 



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