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Measurement Analysis / Analytical Metrology Products 


Our software applications encompass the analysis and reporting of measurement uncertainty; the analysis and control of measurement processes; the reporting and management of measurement decision risk; and the analysis and optimization of calibration intervals for measuring equipment.


All of our software applications are developed by established experts in the field of analytical metrology.  Consequently, you won't find the power, sophistication and versatility offered elsewhere.  Despite this, our pricing structure is designed to provide both small and large organizations with the capability to manage measurement technology effectively and to succeed in the international marketplace.



Over the past 25 years, ISG personnel have developed numerous benchmark measurement analysis methods and techniques and published them in papers and articles. We have taken some of our most popular metrology papers, updated them and incorporated them into an Analytical Metrology Handbook.

Due to popular demand, we are also offering three Petroleum Engineering books: Steam Distribution & Metering, Practical Aspects of Heat Management and Production Gauging Principles & Methods. These books are also based on publications and training material developed by ISG personnel.



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