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Integrated Sciences Group has built more than 35 years of experience into an unmatched suite of software applications for analyzing and reporting measurement uncertainty; analyzing and controlling measurement processes; reporting and managing measurement decision risks; and analyzing and optimizing the intervals between periodic calibration of measuring equipment.


Our software products embody the most advanced methods available and include comprehensive User Manuals and extensive on-screen Help.  Unlike other companies, our software applications are developed by established experts in the field of analytical metrology.  Our customers also get free technical support and service updates without having to join a user forum or request a special access code.


Selecting an appropriate analysis tool can often be a daunting task.  To facilitate your selection process, we've developed a quick overview table comparing the main features and capabilities of our software products and freeware.


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UncertaintyAnalyzer measurement uncertainty analysis software from Integrated Sciences Group

UncertaintyAnalyzer 3.0
Our customers consider it to be the Swiss Army Knife of measurement uncertainty analysis software products.  This product is a must for design, test and calibration engineers, research and development personnel and quality assurance engineers in all fields of science and technology.


SPCView statistical process control software from Integrated Sciences Group SPCView 1.7
An indispensable "plug-in" module for UncertaintyAnalyzer that is used to develop process control charts wherein the uncertainty of each control point is taken into account. 


Uncertainty Sidekick Pro measurement uncertainty software from Integrated Sciences Group

Uncertainty Sidekick Pro 1.0
Our newest product is the most cost-effective measurement uncertainty analysis tool for achieving compliance with ISO 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3.  This product is ideal for calibration or  metrology managers, supervisors and technical personnel responsible for developing laboratory capability statements.


AccuracyRatio measurement decision risk software from Integrated Sciences Group AccuracyRatio 1.6
An essential tool for every measurement specialist engaged in analyzing required accuracy ratios and for every management professional involved in product quality assurance, risk analysis and operating cost control.


IntervalMAX calibration interval analysis software from Integrated Sciences Group

IntervalMAX 2.0
Any organization with items on periodic recall, that would like to optimize their calibration intervals, will benefit from IntervalMAX.




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