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UncertaintyAnalyzer measurement uncertainty analysis software from Integrated Sciences Group Uncertainty Sidekick Pro Network Licensing


The Uncertainty Sidekick Pro Network license is available for six (6) or more registered users.  The network license option includes one (1) network server setup CD, six (6) or more PC client setup CD's, and six (6) or more user document sets.  An optional 12-month service contract can also be purchased to periodically receive replacement network server and PC client CD's containing updated software and related documentation.  Our network pricing structure is listed below.



Network Price*


n = 6 to 50

n = 51 to 100

n > 100

Uncertainty Sidekick Pro 1.0

$1,475 +

(n-5) $265

$13,400 +

(n-50) $235

$25,100 +

(n-100) $215

Uncertainty Sidekick Pro 12-month Service Contract

$85 per User

$85 per User

$85 per User

* All prices are in US Dollars.  State and local taxes applied to California sales.   


To request a customized price quote for your network licensing needs, please contact us at 1-661-872-1683 or email us at




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