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Free Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Software  

Uncertainty Sidekick

We are pleased to offer a freeware application for calculating and analyzing measurement uncertainty that incorporates the concepts and methods presented in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM).  Uncertainty Sidekick also contains state-of-the-art analysis methods and techniques designed to guide you through the process of developing uncertainty estimates for direct measurement scenarios.  Direct measurements basically consist of a measuring parameter "Y" that directly measures the value of subject parameter "X."  That is, the value of the subject parameter is obtained directly by measurement and is not determined indirectly by computing its value from other measured quantities or variables.


Uncertainty Sidekick incorporates specially designed screens and worksheets that help you identify sources of error common to most direct measurement processes and estimate the uncertainties in these errors.  Uncertainty Sidekick includes notes pages for all uncertainty analysis worksheets and screens to store pertinent information and provides the capability to preview and print analysis reports in various levels of detail.  Uncertainty Sidekick also comes with a comprehensive Help function and 70+ page User Manual with a chapter that covers the basic statistical methods and concepts that are key to understanding measurement uncertainty analysis.  An Intro to Uncertainty Analysis presentation file is also installed with the software.


 Last Software Revision: 3/12/2010

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Click here to access a quick reference table comparing the features and capabilities of Uncertainty Sidekick to our Uncertainty Sidekick Pro and UncertaintyAnalyzer software products.


Type B Uncertainty Calculator

Type B Uncertainty Calculator is a stand-alone a tool for estimating uncertainties in cases were we may not have a sample of measurements to work from.  In these cases, we need to calculate measurement uncertainty using our technical experience and knowledge.  A measurement  uncertainty estimate obtained in this way is called a Type B estimate.  Conjuring a measurement uncertainty estimate from technical experience and knowledge is usually a difficult proposition.  The information may be "in there" somewhere, but getting it out is tricky.  What we need is a tool that organizes our experience and knowledge in such a way that a Type B uncertainty estimate is obtained in a straightforward and unambiguous manner.


The concepts and methods incorporated in this uncertainty analysis tool extend those found in the ISO GUM.  In addition to taking some of the mystery out of calculating Type B uncertainty estimates, this freeware application also computes the associated degrees of freedom.  This means that Type B uncertainty estimates can be used as statistics, just like Type A uncertainty estimates. 


 Last Software Revision: 3/12/2010

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